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Safety for industry

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If comes about safety we know more than anyone else

VALWO s.r.o. company, with headquarter in Cesky Tesin is widely known and recognized supplier of the highest quality industrial armature. The accuracy of design and compatibility with the strictest standards are the features appreciated all over the world. That’s why VALWO units are burdened with huge responsibility – they protect human’s live in high risk conditions

safety valwo

Safety experts

counseling, audit, training

technical solutions valwo

Technical solutions

project, selection and delivery of facilities

service valwo


instalation, launch, survey, service

atex documents valwo

ATEX Documents

analysis, expertises, risk assessment, EPD


documents valwo


The assessment of explosion hazard, HAZOP analysis, EPD an explosion protection document and explosion risk assessment.

solutions valwo


ATEX security concepts, installation inventory, study of dust and strength assessment.

designing valwo

Designing & Implementaion

Implementation of explosion vents and designing explosion protection systems.

knowledge valwo

Knowledge & Others

3D modeling, ATEX trainings and presentations.

VALWO service

The basis of a proper performance of all appliances is providing an adequate servicing. In case of products offered by VALWO the issue is of significant importance, as is connected directly with process safety.

As part of ours authorized service we provide::

  • Periodic inspections (conducting of VALWO’s and manufacturer’s inspection book, according to insurer’s requirements)
  • Instant removing of failures 24/7
  • Replacement of worn components (we possess our own components magazine)
  • Technical partnership
  • Modernization of plant, in accordance to technological innovations

valwo service