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Gear pumps

The highest strength and durability

Acids, alkalis, solvents or other corrosive substances are the part of everyday work of chemical plant, MAAG’s gear pumps are the best solution in that environment. Key example of MAAG’s products are cinox® and therminox®, which are corrosion and heat resistant units, which meet rigorous quality requirements of modern chemical industry.

Low rate of inlet pressure and high viscosity

Cinox® V and therminox® – V are the flow pumps, designed for highly viscous fluids, which are passed to an inlet (from reactor or degassing devices) with low pressure. They provides optimal properties of filling and residence time of the medium. The brand new series links excellent performance and dealing with chemical’s industry conditions.

Highest reliability

Units working constantly requires reliable components. MAAG designed highly reliable hydrolub®, cast-iron gear pump which meet highly strict standards of modern industrial plants.

Highest durability

Industrial plants, especially chemical ones are difficult, as high pressure and temperatures and highly viscous agents are involved. Refinex® and refitherm® are stainless steel units of high strength and heat resistance, which meet all the strict standards of modern industrial plants.


The CINOX / THERMINOX gear pumps are corrosion-resistant, heatable conveying unit made from stainless steel that satisfy the high quality demands of the chemical processing industry.

gear pumps


The CINOX-V / THERMINOX-V models are discharge pumps. High-viscosity media is discharged gently from reactors and degassing equipment at low inlet pressure, while at the same time ensuring optimum filling behaviour and short resistance times. This pump series combines the outstanding conveying properties of polymer pumps with the stringent demands of the chemical industry.

gear pumps


The HYDROLUB gear pumps are extremely reliable pump units made from cast iron that satisfy the strict quality demands of industrial plants. In each production facility, there are key components that would stop production were they to fail.

gear pumps


REFINEX / REFITHERM gear pumps are robust, heatable conveying units made from cast steel that satisfy the high quality demands of the chemical processing industry. The extremely wide selection of components and materials allow customised pumping technology solutions to be created that never let customers down.

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Gear pumps fot pressing thermoplastic materials. Three variants are available: extrex® GP for moderate pressure, extrex® HP for high pressure and extrex® HV, for pressing the medium with 25% more performance, when low speed of pressing is required.

gear pumps

Maag Pump

Good companies defend themselves against passing time – Maag Pump is an excellent example. They first gear pump was released in 1928. The company provides an example of Swiss quality. Associated with watches Swiss quality, is translated into other aspects of industry. Established in Zurrich, now placed in Oberglatt (Switzerland), Maag Pump company was set by Max Maag, an excellent Swiss engineer and constructor (in fact titled doctor honoris causa) in 1955. In 2010 Maag Pump underwent a merger with Automatik Plastics Machinery, which resulted in achieving leadership in world’s machinery market. VALWO s.r.o. is official representative of Maag Pump in Czech Republic. We ensure complex servicing including technical suport, transportation, assembly and maintenance of purchased unit