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Breather valves and flame arresters

Tank breather valves

The breather valve provides direct protection of tanks and installations against the effects of exceeding critical pressure limits. Breather valves on tanks are mounted by means of flanged connections, with size adjusted to the required capacity and opening pressure.

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Breather valve

breather valves

Operating principle of the breather valve
1) external discharge of excess gas
2) the refilling of the gas inside the tank

Technical parameters:
• size range from DN 25 to DN 400
• opening pressure settings from 2 mbar to 500 mbar
• materials made of aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel, hastelloy, plastic

The basic division of the breather valves concerns the direction of their capacity:

• pressure relief valves are designed to drain the excess gas to the outside of the tank/installation, thus preventing a tank explosion;
• vacuum valves are designed to replenish the gas shortage inside the tank / installation, thus preventing an implosion
• the vacuum/overpressure valves combine the design of the above valves inside one device

An additional advantage of the breather valves is the possibility to use their combination with flame arresters - a version with built-in flame arrester or as a certified set.

Breather valve with outlet flange

We also offer special valves with an outlet flange for the discharge of product vapors to the collecting pipeline (this pipeline must be secured individually). This solution enables the recovery of vapors or pre-vents the release of hazardous substances into the atmosphere.


Wherever flammable liquids, gases or vapours are transported and stored, flame arresters should be used. This will minimise the risk when the explosive media are ignited and protect the factory, installation and, most importantly, people.

It is recommended that all equipment that has a permanent source of ignition should be equipped with flame arresters. Devastation and destruction is usually the image that appears after deflagration or detonation in installations where potentially dangerous explosive gases or vapours are transported. As soon as the gas is ignited in a shutdown, the flame starts to move through the pipeline at an incredible speed, resulting in destructive force.

Flame arrester

Explosion suppression by the flame arrester

Flame arresters are passive systems to prevent deflagration and detonation and do not have any moving parts. The basis of the construction of these products is a properly selected grid which consists two stain-less steel strips, which thanks to its properties guarantees the operation of the device.

Depending on the application, we offer flame arresters for a special product or application. It is possible to combine: flame arrester with a breathing valve or only vacuum valve or pressure relief valves.

Where is the flame arrester breather valve used?

Each gas has its own characteristics. On its basis, you can choose the appropriate cross section of metal braids through which the flame will not penetrate. This depends on the selection and manufacture of a fire fuse with appropriate slots called MESG. (Maximum Experimental Safe Gap).

Technical parameters:
• size range from DN 6 to DN 600
• maximum operating temperature up to 250°C
• certified for high operating pressures

• types of deflagration, detonation short-time burning and endurance burning
• liquid - used to protect storage tanks against vapour explosion, mounted on the liquid detonation flame arrester and emptying the tank (foot valve)
• end of line flame arrester/ventilation hood - vent/air valve to ensure undisturbed air flow to the tank and gas/vapors outflow to the atmosphere while protecting the tank from flashback. The protection is possible thanks to the use of a special explosion-proof element with slots adjusted to the explosion group of the medium stored in the tank.

Our products:

Breather valves with integrated flame arrester Tornado type


Pressure valves vent to atmosphere


Vacuum valves pipeaway


Vacuum valves vent to atmosphere


Blanketing group valves


Breather valves vent to atmosphere


Pressure valves pipeaway


Breather valves pipeaway